These one-liners is an aesthetic investigation, primarily on violence, and its aesthetics abilities

Pinkie, vol.II, 2015

– ditto, 2016
(remastered) copy_v7.jpg

Lesson II (making art with a sledgehammer), 2013
Red Trolley / Pine Podium copy_v6.jpg Milk Snake Pit Stop.jpg

Campbells Milk Snake Pit Stop, 2013
Book / Wire / Table
Collaboration with The Lehmann Brothers.
Background: Lehmann Brothers were invited by artist Heidi Hove to participate on 'her' table, and they invited me to collaborate. The book on the table was the context for the invitation, and is about genocide in Eastern Europe during WW2 Exhibition space:
Malmö Kunsthal copy.jpg

Flag, 2012
Print / Frame
A involuntary collaboration with young toddler. An early morning in 2010 I found my 13 month old boy, doing his favorite 'thing' tearing magazines to shreds. This Amnesty International was for obvious reason especially appealing to me! copy_v5.jpg

Da Capo, 2012
Gymnova plywood rings / Cables / Straps / Metal splint / Magnesium
The installation was facilitated, do to the size of the exhibition space.
Exhibiton Space:
LEL Presents copy_v10.jpg copy.jpg

Seed, 2011
Stolen ceramic sunflower by Ai Weiwei / Cherrywood showcase
The work was a part of Koh-i-noor's contribution for the curated show: alt_cph11 Encounters,
Exhibitions Space:
Fabrikken for kunst & Design copy_v11.jpg

Memorabilia, 2011
Print / Frame
I found Lee Harvey Oswald's baby crib, by coincidence on a google search. The baby crib was part of a an auction on Lee harvey Oswalds memorabilias.
The work was part of the group show: Tricks
Curator: Søren Bjørn / Morten Abell copy_v4.jpg

Antichrist, 2010-11
Art Theoretical thesis on context copy 2_v2.jpg

Res inventa (found object), 2010
Epoxy / Bag / MDF podium
An early saturday morning when I was out rolling with the baby-carrige I found this 'golden' bag in an ally.
Exhibition space:
The work was a part of the graduate show from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts copy_v8.jpg

Still life, 2009
Glass / Foil / Stuffed Black Bird
Exhibition space:
Brandts Klædefabrik
The work was a part of the Funen Art Academy's graduate show copy_v3.jpg

Doppelgänger, 2009
Trifolium / Frame
Two Trefoils picked in Ispahan, Iran copy_v9.jpg

Kultivering / Cultivating, 2009
Artificial Turf / Rake
Exhibition space:
Koh–i–noor copy_v2.jpg i loft installationsfoto2.jpg

Untitled, 2008
Lowered Ceiling / Saw / Light-string
Exhibition space:
Charlottenborg i loft2.jpg copy 2.jpg

The Void, 2007
Acrylic box / Canvas / MDF / Guard
Exhibtions Space:
Gallery Larm copy_v12.jpg

Site-specific performance
The work was a part of the groupshow: Displacement
Exhibitions Space:
Galleri Lazereti
Dubrovnik, Croatia